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About Us

Who We Are

RestoByte presents one integrated platform that runs on your browser on your PC and tablet offering you the software packed with dynamic and powerful features that acts as a boon for your restaurant by helping you by refining and enhancing the overall dining experience of your guests.

Why Choose Us

The tablet menu offers an extremely user-friendly interface presenting smooth and effortless navigation and surfing through digital menu and thereby catering your guests a wonderful experience. RestoByte supports Android Tablets giving you the freedom to offer your guests an experience to remember.

What We Offer

RestoByte offers POS system, which is a PC based Restaurant Management Software intended to provide all the tools required to increase speed of service and enhance operational efficiency. The advantage of customization offered by the system is perfect for all kinds of restaurants such as fast food chains, fine dining restaurants, cafés, bistros, etc.









Dynamic Features

Existing Menu Presentation

Restaurateurs can make it simpler for the guests to navigate through the digital menu and know accurately what they are looking for, by customizing the menu, organization the menu according to several menu groups and items and adding descriptions for each item.

Real Time Updates of Menu & Reports

Restobyte offers a unique feature to display prompt concise reports and can help you to update your menu instantly throughout all the devices.

POS Integration

The digital menu of Restobyte has been integrated with its desktop POS/billing solution, so that the orders are directly integrated to POS unit. This is designed to give the restaurants all the necessary tools to increase efficiency and speed up service.

Effortless Upsell Upsurges Revenue

Restobyte is extremely easy to use and its attractive and interactive features will make ordering more appealing thereby impressing customers and up surging sales and revenue.

Customer Engagement

The tablet menu offers a user-friendly interface, vivid pictures, item descriptions, presents smooth navigation and a delightful experience of surfing through the menu thereby increasing customer engagement.


Key Features

Kitchen Display System

The kitchen display system shows all the existing, awaiting and served orders on its screen, assuring that your staff get to see all orders appropriately, thereby reducing chances of repeats leading to wastage. Moreover, in case of rush, you can adjust your resources accordingly and handle the situation efficiently.

Table Management

Table management is one of the most crucial function of a restaurant and especially since it wants to ensure delivering perfect service to the guests. RestoByte offers you a fast and simple solution by managing tables efficiently.


RestoByte offers exclusive feature to receive POS reports comprising prompt concise reports of revenue figures of your catering facility right on your system such as Transaction Review, Cashier Sales Report, and Top Selling Items.

Tablet Menu

Fully integrated appetizing digital menu to entice your customers with appealing pictures and descriptions.

Enjoy the leverages offered by the RestoByte digital menu in order to display your full offer to your guests. RestoByte helps you to bring your guests closer with the usage of videos, photos, and comprehensive descriptions of the dishes offered by you.

Modify and Reorganize

Catering facilities get full independence for menu content modification at any moment as per varying necessities. Menu items, styles and the complete menu can be modified and improved without nerve-wracking about added cost that is usually associated with paper menus.

Adapt Current Menu Trends

Restaurants can easily transform the items and the overall style of menu following the current trends and fascinate their guests without any extra cost.

Announce Your Newest Offers in Style

Promote your exclusive offers by means of bright images and fresh menu items letting your guests to see the newest offers.

Amplified Revenue

RestoByte helps you to enhance your average bill value by creating upselling of items, by publicizing them with relevant pictures and latest information.

Uniqueness of Tablet Menu

Make the most of your restaurant business with our powerful and dynamic tablet menu which is fully integrated to a similarly robust POS System.

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    Customization Option

    Full customization options offered by RestoByte lets you choose from various templates, pictures, menu items, and the general layout that suits your brand and design of your restaurant
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    Interactive Menu

    You can customize the menu,sorting various groups and placing items under them,so that the guests do not get confused scrolling down.We make it easier for your guests to search and navigate to find whatever they are looking for.
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    Offline Mode

    There’s no need of internet to run RestoByte. This saves the restaurant from internet-related issues such as down times.
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    Order Remarks

    Waiters can add particular remarks for specific items thereby mentioning any certain requests from the guests for those items.Moreover,RestoByte allows you to include descriptions and modifications of items


Restobytes Robust Inventory and Stock Management

Real-time Inventory Update

Inventory is a key aspect in the catering facilities. RestoByte POS can help you to view real-time ingredient and inventory status in your stock. RestoByte automatically updates the inventory and stock according to the consumption and therefore you can always see up-to-date information.


RestoByte integrates your POS, accounting, vendor suppliers, and other external systems into a single system thereby eliminating chances of duplicate data entry.

Expedite Service

RestoByte saves your guests from waiting for the waiters to place orders.Moreover,RestoByte can be used by multiple guests at the same time ensuring faster service.

Fantastic User Experience

With attractive graphics, informative content, brilliantly presented food menus, and easy navigation, RestoByte offers excellent User Experience.

Restaurant Point of Sale (POS)

RestoByte is an all-in-one, restaurant management system designed to assist you in building, maintaining and growing your business while consistently offering remarkable experiences to your valuable customers. From efficient digital ordering, table management and inventory management to reporting, billing, and accounts handling, our restaurant POS system is fortified with all the tools that you need to run a successful business and smooth functioning, whether you have a single restaurant or a chain of restaurants.

The brilliantly designed dashboard provides you direct access to all other modes. The system offers you complete flexibility to select from Dine In, Take Away, or Delivery, thereby helping the staff to track order types and streamlining the process of service and billing. Also, all orders are instantly showed in the kitchen via Kitchen Display System to initiate the order preparation rapidly resulting in faster and improved service.

Dine In

The dine in mode lets you see the seating arrangement of your restaurant in the system, along with the live status of different tables such as occupied, reserved, vacant, etc. and it can assist you in informing your waiters by assigning particular tables.


RestoByte makes it easy for you to manage delivery of orders efficiently. The system lets you maintain a separate database of guests with their full information for the delivery of orders.

Take Away

Our comprehensive POS system makes the task of handling Take Away orders very simple. The special incorporated features for Take Away orders can save your time significantly and manage the orders effectively.


This is the last point of contact with your guests, and the most important one as well, since, a good overall experience can bring your guests back to you. RestoByte streamlines all operations related to billing making the entire billing process a smooth one.

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